Please refer to SAS or GSAF or Wikipedia for 

conflicting data on shark ATTACKS right back to Australia's early times.

NOTE:  Its likely that at least 50% of ATTACKS are by electronically tagged sharks this last

20 years of 'protection' to 2016'. The spike in ATTACKS and the tagging program coincide exactly.

​2017: Recorded ATTACKS and encounters below:

22-1-2017: More Humans (2234) Slaughtered by one dept, for another. Here.

22-1-2017: Fisherman dies being swept off rocks Tathra NSW. Here

​20-1-2017: Man mauled badly by shark in Torres Strait, Qld. Here.

20-1-2017: "Sustainable Development" FATAL by Crocodile. Here. SD2030-2-Cr-17-00059.

19-1-2017: Body washes up on West Beach South Australia. Here.

18-1-2017: 9 Humans ATTACKED by snakes in 36 hours. "Sustainable Development" again.

14-1-2017: "Sustainable Development"  by 'protected' snake. HereSD2030-I-Sn-17-00058

13-1-2017: Man gets bitten on hand by shark in Qld. Here.

11-1-2017: Shark breaches into boat in South Australia. Here.

11-1-2017: "Sustainable Development SD2030' in action in Bali. Here. 5 attacks in 5 years.

​10-1-2017: Shark attacks spearfisher. Here. No injury.

4-1-2017: Man dies from swimming at beach in Victoria. Here.

3-1-2017:Mitchell Collins 20 bitten on foot by shark. Here.

2016: Recorded attacks and encounters below:

30-12-2016: Man dies at Shark Bay, Evans Head NSW. Here.

30-12-2016: 2016's last Hurrah from "Sustainable Development" as 15 Humans are Slaughtered in our waterways.

26-12-2016: "Boat Strike" kills boat owner in Great White hotspot Mandurah WA. Here.

26-12-2016: Bunch of useless Humans die in NSW waterways. Here

26-12-2016: "Sustainable Development" FATAL by 'protected' Taipan snake. HereSD2030-F-Sn-16-00057

24-12-2016:Diver bitten on buttocks by small shark in Western Australia. Here. This one suspicious.

21-12-2016: Canoeist found dead from canoeing in Brisbane river. Here.

14-12-2016:Tim Roberts 61 attacked by shark at Trigg Beach WA. Here.

14-12-2016: Kayaker goes missing in Queensland creek. Here.

14-12-2016: Boat load of people vanished in South Australia. Here.

14-12-2016: Missing swimmers body found in WA. Here.

14-12-2016: Great Barrier Reef claims another QLD. Here.

1-12-2016: Colin Rowland 65 SURFER attacked near Forster NSW. Here. Great White Shark. Great Lakes Marine Park.

29-11-2016:Rod McFarlane 73 fisherman pulls shark onto boat then gets bitten by it. Here.

28-11-2016: 4th person D E A D on West Australian beaches. Here.

27-11-2016: 3 more Humans slaughtered on Western Australia's beaches. Here.

25-11-2016: 3 men missing after trawler 'capsizes' near Hervey Bay QLD. Here.

22-11-2016: 23yo man dies from 'swimming' in Tallebudgera Ck, Gold Coast. Here.

20-11-2016: Another rock fisherman dies in NSW. Here.

20-11-2016: Fisherman swept of rocks in NSW. Here.

20-11-2016: Diver dies from 'diving' at Marion Bay Tasmania. Here.

19-11-2016: Diver dies in Perth, from diving. Here.

19-11-2016: More dead Humans in Australia's Satanic 'marine parks' Here.

17-11-2016: Great White eats inflatable boat in South Africa. Here.

15-11-2016: See how fishermen go missing when falling from rocks. Here.

14-11-2016: Experienced fisherman and new father 'bumps head' and dies in Victoria. Here.

14-11-2016: Fishing boat 'turns over' one person dies in WA. Here.

13-11-2016: Kayak washes up on New Zealand beach. Here.

​11-11-2016: 70 year old man found DEAD from 'swimming' at Western Port Bay Victoria. Here.

9-11-2016: Fisherman abalone found dead on Perth Beach. Here.

8-11-2016: Boat overturned owner missing off the Fraser Coast. Here.

7-11-2016: Empty boat found south of Townsville. Here. 68 year old diver recovered.

6-11-2016: Kayaker DEAD in Torquay also. Here.

4-11-2016: 70 year old swimmer DEAD in Torquay. From Swimming. Here.

29-10-2016: Fisherman missing after trying to remove rope from propellor. Here. Jurien Bay WA.

25-10-2016:Lennox Head NSW. Shark tangled in SURFERS legrope here.

24-10-2016:SURFERATTACKED in CAPE BYRON MARINE PARK. Jade Fitzpatrick 36. Minor leg injury. GREAT WHITE.

21-10-2016: KiteSURFER DEAD 50 years old. Geraldton WA. Here. SD2030-F-Sh-16-00056

19-10-2016: Missing fisherman near MANDURAH WA. Here.

16-10-2016: Kayaker goes missing completely near Great White Hotspot Phillip Island. Here. Peter Cole 60. Rest Easy old boy.

16-10-2016: Cooper Hallum 18 SURFER attacked at Kings Beach Queensland. Small injury.Here.

15-10-2016: Mans body found on beach in WA no cause of death given. Here.

13-10-2016:Curren See 18 SURFER ATTACKED by flying Great White in Cape Byron Marine Park. Again.

12-10-2016:Seneca Rus 25. SURFER ATTACKED at Ballina in Cape Byron Marine Park

5-10-2016: "Sustainable Development" attempted Taipan KILLING of 2 year old boy. HereSD2030-F-Sn-16-00055

26-9-2016: Fisherman missing in WA. Here.

26-9-2016: Man found dead on WA beach, no cause of death given. Here.

26-9-2016: Cooper Allen 17 year old SURFER ATTACKED at Ballina N$$$W this morning. Great White. CAPE BYRON Marine Park.

19-9-2016:  3 SURFERS ATTACKED in 2 days at Bells Beach NSW. Here. Again no National Warning given. Dead surfer overdue.

18-9-2016: 3 SURFERS ATTACKED on the SAME day at New Smyrna USA. Here. Yea those sharks are 'endangered' right.

16-9-2016:SURFER ATTACKED at Bells Beach Victoria. No injury. Here.

15-9-2016:Swimmer ATTACKED multiple lacerations Woolgoolga NSW. Full Moon on 16-9-2016' Species unknown (DPI Cover Up)

11-9-2016: Woman ATTACKED and mauled badly on beach in Hawaii. Here

5-9-2016:Great White SharkATTACKS SURFER. Super strong Firewire surfboard saves his life. Yallingup WA. Here.

5-9-2016: --FATAL-- Australian David Jewell 50, killed  by shark while kite SURFING in New Caledonia. HereSD2030-F-Sh-16-00054

26-8-2016: 62 reports of Great White sightings in 6 weeks at SURFING BEACH Triggs Beach WA. Pack attack overdue also.

15-8-2016: Missing fisherman Luke Murray 40. Shark Bay Denham WA. Here.

​10-8-2016: Missing Fisheries diver Andrew Thwaites 44 found dead off Moreton Island QLD. No cause of death given. Here.

2-8-2016: 24 sightings of Great Whites in 20 days in WA's 'marine parks' Here. NO National Warning given.

31-7-2016: 2 men still lost from boat in Tasmania. Here.

27-7-2016:GREAT WHITE SHARKattacks SURFER kayak in Western Australia. Here. Marine Park. Ian Watkins. No injury. Here.

26-7-2016: Two SURFERS attacked at Sharpes Beach Ballina NSW. No (physical) injury, board damaged. Cape Byron Marine Park. Great White Shark the aggressor. Likely tagged and hungry.Here. A near miss that often results in another attack the following day.

20-7-2016: Scott Van Burck 31. Fisherman, lacerations to leg from reef shark. Gold Coast Main Beach Queensland. Marine Park.

19-7-2016: Body washes up on New Zealand Beach no cause of death given. Here.

3-7-2016:Attempted ATTACK on SURFER at Point Impossible, Geelong Victoria. As reported on Dorsal. No injury, 8:30am. MP.

28-7-2016: Body parts comprising of 2 people wash up on Fiji beach here. Fiji are UN SD2030' Nazis also.

27-7-2016: "Sustainable Development" by Taipan Snake on 31 year old man. HereSD2030-F-Sn-16-00053

27-7-2016: Mans body washes up on beach, no cause of death given here.

​16-7-2016: Skull washes up on beach here.

16-7-2016: Missing fisherman in NSW here.

4-7-2016: Palm Cove Queensland. Nathan Oliver 34 - Leg Injured.

15-6-2016: Brad Vale 19. Coral Bay WA. No injury.

15-6-2016: Human remains wash up on beach in Vic. Here. Multiple missing swimmers in May-June unlisted here.

5-6-2016: --FATAL--Doreen Collyer 60, SWIMMER killed at Mindarie WA. Great White. Marine Park ATTACK. SD2030-F-Sh-16-00052

31-5-2016: --FATAL-- Ben Gerring 29 SURFER at Mandurah WA. Leg torn off by Great White.Marine Park Attack.SD2030-F-Sh-16-00051

25-5-2016: Dog attacked by shark in Sydney Harbour. Here. Dog owners warned by 'govt' Humans ignored once more.

1-5-2016: Shark bumps SURFER at Palm Beach Qld 11:30am. Lifeguards removed people. Jake@Dorsal this report.

10-4-2016: "Sustainable Development" FATAL by 'protected' Taipan snake. HereSD2030-F-Sh-16-00050.

​30-3-2016:  Brett Connellan 22 SURFER Here. 3/4 of thigh torn from leg, hand also injured. Marine Park Attack.


9-3-2016: Missing cliff diver Yallingup WA. Matthias Bache. Great White attack in same spot 5-9-2016' Here and Here.

6-3-2016: 2 missing crayfish divers found in NZ. No cause of death. Here. This fits the large GW modus spot on. Here

2-3-2016: Confusion on missing swimmer in Coffs Harbour. Solitary Islands 'marine park' Here.

26-2-2016: James- SURFER at Crescent Head attacked by unknown species. No injury, board damage. Here.

​18-2-2016: Police call off search for swimmer reported missing of Sydney. Here.

​18-2-2016: Swimmer reported missing in wild surf near Narrabeen in Sydney's northern beaches. Here.

​18-2-2016: Bodyboarder drowns at Broadbeach. Here.

17-2-2016: Man missing after boat capsizes. Here. Body found with shark attack wounds, butkept quiet by 'tourism' 'media' and 'police'

16-2-2016: Snorkeller dies in Queensland. Body found no cause of death given. Here. Here. Confirmed fatal.

16-2-2016: --FATAL-- Steven Foster, 54.  here. Mission Beach QLD. GBR MP. Great White SharkSD2030-F-Sh-16-00049

16-2-2016: Shark stalksSURFER this afternoon at Boulders Beach NSW.Here. Marine Park.

13-2-2016:North Coast SURFERS comp ends because of Great White. Boat capsized also. No injury. Somehow. Here. Marine Park.

11-2-2016: SURFER attacked in Tasmania. No injury. Here. 2nd attack risk very high now. Risk of attack cluster high now.

10-2-2016: Missing swimmer off Newcastle NSW. Here. Still no news given on this one. Total secret. Marine Killing Field.

10-2-2016: Womans body washes up on Manly Beach NSW. No cause of death given Here.

6-2-2016:Woman 45 attacked by shark on Stradbroke Island QLD. Minor injury to foot. Here.

4-2-2016:Andrew Morris 40. WindSURFER sailboard attacked at Caves Beach NSW. They love moving targets, its sporting. Here. Historical Lake Macquarie swim ruined for the 2nd year running. Were they advised by DPI? Lake Macquarie Aquatic Reserve.

2-2-2016: Missing Kayaker found no cause of death. Here. Nerang River has a noted history of shark attack on kayaks.

24-1-2016: Multiple missing swimmers, some found with no cause of death given. Wangi Wangi NSW is a Great White breeding ground, as is Nelson Bay and Hawks Nest NSW. These people fit the large Great White shark attack profile spot on. Here.

23-1-2016: Missing swimmer in QLD. Here.

22-1-2016: Diver dies on Sydneys Northern Beaches. No cause of death. Here.

​12-1-2016: Port Macquarie SURFER Shane Hilder bitten on foot. Minor injuries. Great Lake Marine Park. Here.

5-1-2016: Nicholas Davies 11. Injury to calf by reef shark in QLD.

4-1-2016: Broken Head NSW. Attempted attack on SURFERS Great White Shark 4mtrs long. Likely Tadashi's GW. No injury. Here.

2-1-2015: Allan Countryman 31. Spearfishing. Attacked by shark at Yepoon QLD Australia. Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. Sustained and severe attack, causing severe injuries to legs and arms.

​2015: Recorded attacks and encounters below,

​31-12-2015: Ryan Roberts. SURFER. Bumped by shark at 3pm at The Wreck at Byron Bay NSW. CBMP. No injury or species yet.

30-12-2015: Missing Surfer. Joshua Dixon 34. Here. Body later found. Cause of death unknown. Stradbroke Island QLD.

22-12-2015: Small shark lands on SURFER surfboard at Bondi NSW. No injury. Attack imminent, fatal overdue. 9:17am.

15-12-2015: Great White Shark attacks fishing boat for 20 minutes in Lake Macquarie NSW. Here. Newcastle area overdue now.

​5-12-2015: Geoff Williams 61, SURFER...had to punch shark to prevent attack at Moonee Beach NSW. Here. Solitary Island MP.

2-12-2015: Missing swimmer Lord Howe Island with large Great White MO. Here.

10-11-2015: Sam Morgan 20, SURFER...attacked 6.15pm Lighthouse Beach Ballina NSW. Serious injuries to leg. CBMP.

30-10-2015: Norman Galli 50, Diver..attacked around stomach by Great White Shark. Cheynes Beach WA. Here.

17-10-2015: Missing swimmer at Curl Curl Beach NSW with large Great White MO. Here.

7-10-2015: Eli Zawadzki, 18, SURFER attacked while surfing in WA at Dawesville.  Damaged foot. More to come on this.HereHere.

​28-9-2015: 7 year old girl attacked by shark in North Qld.Leg injured. Here.

8-9-2015: Justin Daniels 42. SURFER Hand injured by shark 4 metres from shore. Shelley Beach, NSW. Great White Shark.

4-9-2015: ​David Quinliven 65. SURFER Left foot mauled by Great White Shark...Great Lakes Marine Park. . Here

22-8-2015: Dale Carr 38, SURFER mauled leg, and buttocks Great White Shark, Lighthouse Beach, Port Macquarie NSW. 

16-8-2015: Kiteboarder "tossed and smashed" by shark. Here. Queensland.

9-8-2015' Missing Swimmer in WA with large GW MO again. Here.

31-7-2015: - 20-8-2015' Multiple Great White board bumps SURFERS and near misses around Ballina-Byron. Too many too record here though DPI will have records and witness accounts during this time. Quoting Mayor David Wright: 32 recorded incidents of people being cleared from the water in Ballina in 6 weeks. Here

Cape Byron Marine Park. The deadliest 'marine park' on the planet doing its job.

31-7-2015: Craig Ison 52. SURFER attacked by Great White at Evan's Head this morning. Arm and thigh injured badly. CBMP.

25-7-2015:​ --FATAL-- Damian Johnson 40 - Diver killed by a Great White. Maria Island in Tasmania. Here.

23-7-2015: Male 40, SURFER asked to not be identified. Here. Attacked multiple times while surfing at Tyrendarra VIC. 

22-7-2015: Mark Smith. SURFER Burleigh Heads. Surf Ski attacked. No injuries. Here

11-7-2015: Peter Charles 74. SURFER Attacked inflatable boat at Mooloolaba. Moreton Bay Marine Park. Sarah Whiley RIP 2006'

3-7-2015: Mike Hoile 51. SURFER Surfing at Lennox Head. Attacked by Great White. No injury. Cape Byron Marine Park. 2 within 24hrs. Again. Both these attacks occurred during the full moon and the barometric pressure was above 1020hpa.

2-7-2015:32 year old SURFER Matthew Lee attacked by a Great White Shark at Ballina at 10:30am. Both legs injured and in critical condition. 12:30pm. Exactly same MO as Tadashi Nakahara's attack in Feb 2015' Exactly the same as Zac Youngs attack in Nov 2013' and almost exactly as Paul Wilcox's attack in Sept 2014' ALL within 100km's of each other. ​Why hasn't imminent threat policy been used and Great White sharks opened for inspection? Bloody disgraceful DPI and CSIRO. NGO Fascists. Cape Byron Marine Park.

30-6-2015Yamba. SURFER gets bitten on hand as soon as he hits the surf. Here. Great White Shark - Cape Byron Marine Park. Here.

26-6-2015:  Stupid Uni Student gets bitten by caught reef shark on Rottnest Island WA. Minor injuries to left arm.  

25-6-2015:  Arthur Vidgen 71. SURFER Surfboard attacked. No injury. Great White Shark in Cape Byron Marine Park.

25-6-2015: Lily Kumpe 37. SURFER Surfboard attacked by Great White Shark. No injury.

26-5-2015: Ash Sinnott. SURFER attacked by shark at Logans Beach Vic. No Injury. Board Damaged. Twelve Apostles Marine Park.

3-5-2015: Bruce Lucas 47. SURFER  Great White Shark attacks while surfing at Saltwater Point NSW.Great Lakes Marine Park.

25-4-2015: Chris Blowes 26 Male. SURFER Great White attack at Port Lincoln National ParkHere. Chris has had his leg removed by a 18ft Great White Shark and is in Intensive Care as I type...hang in there mate. Survivors and surfers in Australia behind you.

25-4-2015: Sun Peng. "A CHINESE national could have been murdered, thrown off a ship and eaten by sharks in waters off far north Queensland, a coroner has ruled. Here. Decide for yourself...I havent yet. Probably won't be added but noted here.

13-4-2015: We are due in Australia, who will I write next? 

12-4-2015: SPECIAL MENTION TO ELIO CANESTRY, 13 YEARS OLD. Torn to pieces by a shark on Reunion Island. Rest Easy Child.

11-4-2015: SURFER attacked on ankle on stand up paddle board. Here andHere. Batemans Bay Marine Park.

15-3-2015:SURFER chased from surf by monster Great White in South Australia.Here. No injury. ALL Marine Park there.

13-3-2015: 15 foot Great White attacks boat in Byron Bay knocking fisherman overboard.  No Injury. Cape Byron Marine Park. Great White Shark.

9-2-2015: Tadashi Nakahara 41--FATAL-- Father of one child. SURFERGreat White Shark...again. Legs severed completely, like Zac Young in Solitary Islands Marine Park on Nov 30th 2013' 110 kms south of Cape Byron Marine Park AGAIN he also bled out while many tried to save him. Here.  SD2030-F-Sh-15-00048

8-2-2015: Jabez Reitman 35. SURFER injured in shark attack at Cape Byron Marine Park..here.."I probably should have stayed in bed" were Jabez Reitman's first words. We crack jokes mainly for the first 2 weeks then the reality sets in. Then we are left with it. Good luck with your recovery mate. Welcome to our 'growing' club here. You are ALIVE!! :) DPI identified shark as a Bull shark, though 12 hours later, 1000 metres away Tadashi Nakahara is killed by a Great White. Makes NO sense.

6-2-2015: Shark injures bodyboarder at Merewether NSW. SURFER Lacerations to foot. Here. Great Lakes Marine Park.

2-2-2015: Shark 'eyeballs' alongside paddleboard (from both sides) a stand up paddleboarder in Diamond Beach NSW. Scaring the locals pretty bad.  NO INJURY GLMP 

This 'encounter' above was recorded by fellow shark attack survivor Dave Pearson who is recorded on this page in March 2011' Dave's POINTED attack to his head and left arm by a supposed Bull Shark nearly killed him. This is GW MO simply. The 'Bullshark' BS identification is part of the poorly hidden slaughter of Children by GREAT WHITE shark in Australia.

31-1-2015: Zambezi Shark attacks kayak in Nerang River Queensland. 2 fatals occurred in Gold Coast canals in 2002' and 2003' NO INJURY MBMP

21-1-2015:  SURFER Shark attacks surfboard on Byron Bay here. Snaps 3 inch thick malibu clean in half. Byron Bay is 'HOT' for shark attack as WA is. Fatal imminent.  

19-1-2015: Boat attacked by 5 metre Great White shark in Lake Macquarie on 17-1-2015 here. While the Disabled Surfers was held 500 metres away. 

16-1-2015:Sam Smith 17: Teenage spearfisher attacked at Mollymook NSW. Injury to hand. Jervis Bay Marine Park. here.

​​2014: Recorded attacks and encounters below,

29-12-2014: Jeff Brown Lacerations to legs. Sussex Inlet.Jervis bay Marine Park. Read Jeffs story here.

29-12-2014:Jay Muscat17 --FATAL-- Spearfishing at Cheynes Beach, Western Australia. 12:30pm. 4mtr Great White Shark. Torndirrup National Marine Park.

Est 1918. Also Jay's friend Matt Pullella needs mention here for his bravery. Matt watched the Great White maul Jay to death then had to defend his own life. Matt Pullella is a survivor of shark attack with 'no visible wounds' GREAT WHITE SHARK SD2030-F-Sh-14-00047

28-12-2014: Male 40 Fisherman attacked by shark in boat. Lacerations. Ninety Mile Beach Marine Park.

15-12-2014: Daniel Smith 18 --FATAL-- Spearfishing at Rudder Reef. Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. Daniels friends watched on as he was mauled to death in front of them. Daniels wounds were so severe that he died from heart failure due to blood loss. Again special mention of Daniels friends who witnessed this. SD2030-F-Sh-14-00046

29-11-2014: Cameron Pearman. Injuries to leg. Shoalwater Islands Marine Park est 1987.

29-11-2014: Ryan Hunt. Injuries to foot. Stepped on shark.

17-10-2014: Kirra-Belle Olsen. Minor Injury to foot. Stepped on shark, Avoca Beach Sydney NSW.

11-10-2014: Kayak attacked.

22-10-2014: Sean Pollard 23. Surfing at Wileys Beach Western Australia. Coordinated attack by 2 "protected and tagged" Great Whites. Sean has lost 1 arm and 2 hands and also has had injuries to his legs. The author here believes Sean has the worst injuries in shark attack Survivor history to date. I consider this 'nearly a fatal, which they all are in fact. Sharks later caught by fisheries even though that's illegal. 2 years in gaol and 100K fine if average Joe does it. ​This shows that the Imminent Threat Policy is effective and that fishing them makes absolutely NO difference at all. It NEVER did. Sea Sheep later demanded the 2 shark carcasses. Satanic Grubs.

9-09-2014: Paul Wilcox 50--FATAL-- SURFER. Clarkes Beach a 4 metre Great White slaughters Paul by the right leg. Cape Byron Marine Park. Same MO as Zac Young shark, same MO as Tadashi Nakahara's shark, same MO as Mat Lee's shark.RIP Paul. I mailed Byron Bay Council 2 weeks before your slaughter. I tried mate. Sorry. 


16-08-2014: Adam Haling 31. Spearfishing Gnaraloo Western Australia. Severe lacerations to neck. 

24-7-2014: Missing Swimmer South West Rocks NSW. Here.

18-06-2014: Max Longhurst 5pm Middleton Beach South Australia. No injury, surfboard attacked.

18-06-2014: Jesse McKinnon Middleton Beach South Australia. Body boarding. Lacerations.

17-06-2014: Ric Wright  Horizontal Falls Western Australia. Lacerations to hand.

9-06-2014: Scott Berry: Parsons Beach, South Australia. Body Boarding. Torso injuries.

1-06-2014: Bob Smith: Seven Mile Beach Gerroa. Injurues to foot. Bushrangers Bay Aquatic Reserve.

24-05-2014: Bianca Freeman 29. Nerang River in man made canals. Lacerations to legs.

14-05-2014: Andrew McLeod 35. Attacked without injury. Surfboard damaged badly. Eyre Peninsula South Australia.

24-04-2014: Male, Coral Bay. Western Australia. Minor injuries.

21-4-2014: 34yo Colombian national missing swimmer. here.

3-04-2014: Christine Armstrong: 63 --FATAL-- Christine was swimming near her husband when a Great White Shark to her whole. Totally consumed with no body recovered. Christine was attacked brutally by a 4-5 metre Great White Shark in Batemans Bay Marine Park est 2005' SD2030-F-Sh-14-00044

29-03-2014: Michael McGregor: 38--FATAL-- Dawesville Western Australia. Lower half of body recovered with numerous shark bites. Scuba tank and goggles etc missing still. Shoalwater Islands Marine Park. Likely a 5-6 metre Great White Shark. Likely shark headed for deeper water with Michael then disgorged tank etc soon after realising it had bitten the wrong thing. SD2030-F-Sh-14-00043

18-03-2014: Myxi Ryan 10 Injuries to wrist-hand. Lennox Head NSW. Cape Byron Marine Park est 2002'.

12-03-2014: Mike Porter. Injuries to foot. Lighthouse Beach NSW.

13-02-2014: 2 Missing fisherman with possible 2 Great Whites involved. Under investigation and trying to get witness accountsHere.

8-02-2014: Sam Kellett 28:  --FATAL--Spearfishing. Great White Shark . Yorke Peninsula Marine Park. Ugh, stupid 'coroner' finally decides Sam was killed by a Great White. 18-8-2016' hereSD2030-F-Sh-14-00042

26-01-2014: Richard O'Connor. Umina Beach. Lacerations to hand by hooked shark. Cabbage Tree Aquatic Reserve NSW.

2013: Recorded attacks and encounters below,

5-12-2013: Male 26 Surfing at Shelley Beach. Lacerations to hand and leg. Great Lakes Marine Park est 2005'

30-11-2013: Zac Young 19 --FATAL-- SURFER Campbells Beach NSW. (DPI Cover Up) Suspected Great White.Solitary Islands MP. SD2030-F-Sh-13-00041

23-11-2013: Chris Boyd 35 --FATAL-- SURFER Gracetown wa, attacked by large Great White SharkNgari Capes Marine Park. SD2030-F-Sh-13-00040

12-11-2013:Shaun Daly Surfing at Trigg Beach, Western Australia. Board bumped. NO INJURY. 

Yet another cluster of KILLINGS that went ignored by CSIRO and DPI. 75% of shark attacks are preventable. So lets do the maths..

28-10-2013: Glenda Simmons 60. Snorkeling at Turquoise Bay Western Australia. Lacerations to right arm. 

26-10-2013: Todd Robinson. Crayfish diving at Little Island near Hillary's, Western Australia. NO INJURY. Swimfin attacked though.

24-10-2013: Anthony Joyce Surfing at Narrabeen Beach Sydney NSW. Laceration to foot.

8-10-2013: Greg Pickering: Poison Creek Cape Arid. Severe lacerations to face, head and torso. Great White Shark.

25-08-2013: Otto Lee. Smiths Lake NSW. Left hand bitten attempting to rescue shark.

2-06-2013: Jimmy Jones. 29. Mornington Peninsula South Australia. Body Surfing. NO INJURY. Holes in wetsuit.

6-05-2013: Steve Adamson. Surfing at Target Beach NSW. NO INJURY. Surfboard attacked.

29-04-2013: Ted Collins. 78. Fishing at Emerald Beach NSW. Punctures to foot.

21-04-2013: Alan Saunders 51. Crowdy Head NSW. Both legs bitten to the bone as Alan tried to remove a Grey Nurse shark from its net. The author visited Alan in hospital and spoke with him for awhile. Alan recalled to me how intense the pain was as the teeth sunk into his shin bones. 

2-4-2013: Martin Tann. 24 --FATAL-- Fremantle. Body Unrecovered. Likely 4-6 metre Great White Shark.SD2030-F-Sh-13-00039

​31-3-2013: HOAX. Terrigal Beach NSW.

26-1-2013: Boat attacked. Cape Nelson, Victoria.

25-1-2013: Matthew Cassaigne Surfing at Noosa, Queensland Australia. Lacerations to neck.

21-1-2013: Paul Marshallsea. 62. Trying to save Blue shark at Bullock Beach, Queensland. NO INJURY. Shark snapped at man.

5-1-2013: Jake Swaffer 26. Spearfishing near Legendre Island Western Australia. Calf and shin attacked.

2012: Recorded attacks and encounters below,

2-01-2012:Hugo Silvia Spearfishing at Duranbah Beach Queensland. Minor Injuries from Tiger Shark.

3-01-2012: Mike Wells 28:  Surfing at North Avoca Beach NSW. Lacerations to right arm.

18-01-2012: Glen Folkard 44. Surfing at Redhead Beach NSW. Severe lacerations to thigh. BOGUS Identification of ATTACKING Great White by Taronga and DPI. Reported to  their 'media' as a bullshark but DPI LIARS knew at the start it was a Great White. Fucking Murderers. GREAT WHITE SHARK 12ft. Attacked Glen twice then chased him.

19-01-2012: Dave Pickering 26. Disabling wounds to right hand. Tiger shark.

6-02-2012: Nick Ferguson 29. Surfing at Wurtella Queensland. NO INJURY. Surfboard attacked.

25-02-2012: Male fishing at Broughton Is NSW. Laceration to left foot. Great Lakes Marine Park est 2005' and Lake Macquarie Aquatic Reserve est 2002' 200km overlap.

6-03-2012: Female 34. Melbourne Aquarium. Lacerations to side of face while feeding sharks in tank. Tawny Nurse shark.

20-03-2012: Billy O'Leary 20. Surfing at Nobby's Beach, Queensland. Deep lacerations to Achilles Tendon and calf muscle.

22-03-2012: Boat attacked by Great White while crayfishing in Kalbarri.

31-03-2012: Peter Kurmann 33.--FATAL-- Pack Attack  Father of 2 young boys Peter Kurmann is brutally taken by 2 Great White Sharks. SD2030-F-Sh-12-00038

11-04-2012: Michael Demasi 27. Attacked in Dolphin Bay South Australia. Thigh wounded and kayak damaged.

3-05-2012: Mark Ayres 30. Redhead Beach NSW. Surf ski attacked only. NO INJURY. Great White. Lake Macquarie Aquatic Reserve est 2002' GLMP

12-05-2012: Mike Higgins 42 Surfing at Port Campbell Victoria. Right foot injured.

20-05-2012: Martine Kane 62. Mullaloo Beach Western Australia (same beach where Martin Tann disappeared in April 2013') No injury but surf ski severely damaged 7am.

22-05-2012: James Barthy. Surfing at South Cape Bay Tasmania. NO INJURY. Board attacked.

7-06-2012: Karen Lee 42. --FATAL-- Scuba diving off Point Lonsdale Victoria. Scavenged. SD2030-F-Sh-12-00037

14-06-2012: Ryan Soulis. Large Great White went at Ryan then suddenly took Ryans best mate Ben Linden below. No Physical injury. 

14-06-2012Ben Linden 24 --FATAL-- Surfing off Wedge Island Western Australia. RIP mate. Great White SharkSD2030-F-Sh-12-00036

31-06-2012: John Campion 48 Surfing at Streaky Bay South Australia. Lacerations to torso and arm.

11-08-2012: Boat attacked. Ocean Reef Western Australia.

28-08-2012: Jon Hines 34. Surfing at Red Bluff Western Australia Jon is attacked by a large Tiger Shark. Severe wounds to right arm and hand. Complete circular jaw mark on torso. Special mention here to Geoff Goulden or Camel as he is known in the surfing community. He played a crucial role in saving Jon's life. Well done Camel..

2-10-2012: Andrew Gavriliu 11. Body boarding at Mullaloo Beach Western Australia. No injury but swim fin attacked.

2-12-2012: Male 31. Spearfishing at Green Island NSW. Wounds to knee.

19-12-2012: Richard Wands 32. Surfing at Trigg's Beach Western Australia. NO INJURY.

28-12-2012: Luke Allen 29. Paddle Boarding at Kylies Beach NSW. Thigh and hand bitten, finger and thumb removed. Great White Shark.

30-12-2012: Danny Sheather 23. Surfing near Dee Why NSW. NO INJURY. Board attacked.

At the end of this awful year, Vic Pedemore at DPI spoke to his minions with these words "we have had a BUMPER YEAR" regarding shark attack on Humans. All available to see on YouTube during one of his Hitler fashion TED 'talks' This drew laughter from his insane audience. A sure sign the fascist govt here in Australia is succeeding with its depopulation plan. So in effect Pedomore would have been rewarded for his fine efforts in saving sharks which kill young Australians.

2011: Recorded attacks and encounters below,

10-12-2011: Steve King 51 Surfing at Angourie NSW. Wounds to thigh. Great White Shark.

7-12-2011: Ronald Mason 14 Surfing at Maroubra NSW. Injuries to left leg. Wobbegong.

2-12-2011: Milton Carter 63 Surfing at Broken Head NSW. Impact with shark resulting in damaged shoulder.

22-10-2011: George Thomas Wainwright 32 --FATAL-- Scuba diving Rottnest Island. Huge Great White Shark. SD2030-F-Sh-11-00035

19-10-2011: Andrew Houston 50 Diving at Elwood Beach Victoria. No injury wetsuit damaged. Port Jackson.

10-10-2011: Bryn Martin 64 --FATAL-- Swimming at Cottesloe Beach Western Australia. Great White Shark. SD2030-F-Sh-11-00034


4-09-2011: Kyle James Burden 21 --FATAL-- Surfing at Bunker Bay Western Australia. Great White Shark. SD2030-F-Sh-11-00033

28-08-2011: Male 48 --FATAL-- Swimming at Fantome Island. Chewed body parts found. HereSD2030-F-Sh-11-00032

23-04-2011: Marcus Van Der Vyver 17 Red Bluff Western Australia. Heel bitten attempting to feed shark.

23-03-2011: David Pearson 48 Surfing at Crowdy Head. Injury to head as shark glanced and tore left arm open. (DPI Cover Up)...GLMP

16-03-2011: Lisa Mondy 24 Wakeboarding at Jimmy's Beach NSW. Severe injuries to, head neck and shoulder. (DPI Cover Up). Great White Shark GLMP

​10-03-2011: Prem Puri Surfing at Tallows Beach. No injury board bitten. Cape Byron Marine Park est 2002'

28-2-2011: Shane Nyari 36 Fishing in Queensland. Lacerations from hooked Bull Shark.

17-2-2011: Peter Clarkson 49 --FATAL-- Pack Attack Spearfishing at Perforate Island South Australia. Great Whites. Marine ParkSD2030-F-Sh-11-00031

13-02-2011: Male Noosa Queensland Bite to calf from hooked shark.

12-02-2011: Allen 58 Snorkeling at Exmouth Western Australia. Arm attacked.

20-01-2011: Mia Merlini 7 Cudgen Creek NSW Lacerations to legs while swimming.

4-1-2011: Boat attacked, Busselton Western Australia. Great White Shark.

2010: Recorded attacks and encounters below,

27-11-2010: Michael Utley,--FATAL-- Native Dog Beach Western Australia. Swimming. SD2030-F-Sh-10-00030

30-10-2010: Elyse Frankcom 20, Off Garden Island Western Australia. Legs bitten while Snorkeling. Great White Shark.

23-10-2010: Liam Williams 14, Wedge Island Western Australia. Bites to right leg while Kite Surfing.

9-10-2010: Ken Turk 22, Mullaway Headland NSW. Foot bitten while surfing.

13-09-2010: Jake Davies 15, Fraser's Reef NSW. Puncture wounds on leg while surfing.

17-08-2010: Nicholas Edwards 31,--FATAL--South Point near Margaret River Western Australia. Leg severely damaged while surfing. SD2030-F-Sh-10-00029

10-08-2010: Un-named Female, Three Mile Creek near Townsville QLD. Wounds to leg while fishing.

8-08-2010: Rick Carroll, Cresent Head NSW. Deep wounds to foot while surfing.

6-06-2010: Michael Bedford 40, Conspicuous Beach Western Australia. Severe laceration to right knee while surfing.

5-05-2010: Craig Gibson, Point Plomer NSW. Bite to calf while surfing.

13-02-2010: Patricia Trumbull 60, Dent Island Whitsundays QLD. Severe lacerations to legs and buttocks while snorkeling.

11-02-2010: Paul Welsh 46, Mona Vale Beach NSW. Minor laceration to left lower leg by Wobbegong Shark while surfing.

6-02-2010: Dean Everson 18, Turners Beach NSW. No Injury, Blocked Great White Shark with board while body boarding.

27-01-2010: Ashley Ramage, Archie's Beach QLD. No Injury, board bitten while fighting off shark while surfing.

22-01-2010: Dr Pat Lockie, Geelong Victoria. Cuts to hand while surfing.

9-01-2010: Reenie Morrissey, Thursday Island Torres Strait QLD. Bitten twice on knee while snorkeling by a Whitetip Shark.

2009: Recorded attacks and encounters below,

26-12-2009: John Sojoski 55, Avoca Beach NSW. Deep wounds to lower left leg while swimming.

20-12-2009: Unknown, Mudjimba Island QLD. No Injury - craft bumped while Kayaking.

20-12-2009: John Pengelly 18, Lamont Reef QLD. Deep Lacerations to wrist and forearm by a Bull Shark while Free Diving/Spearfishing.

15-12-2009: Great white shark attacks surf boat in northern NSW. Here.

13-12-2009: Nigel Hughes 39, Coffee Head NSW. Big toe injured while surfing, requiring amputation.

12-12-2009: Life Saver Boat, Hawks Nest NSW. Shark grabbed boats oar while rowing.

8-11-2009: Dean Brougham 25, Wirrina Cove South Australia. Ankle bitten while Spearfishing.

30-10-2009: Rhys Gadsden 27, Portland-Nunns Beach Victoria. No Injury - Great White Shark knocked him out of boat and damaged Kayak.

28-10-2009: Zahli Lowe 17, Lennix Head NSW. No Injury - Shark bit rear of board while Paddle boarding.

14-10-2009: Matt Bowen 23, Western Australia. Severe lacerations to lower right leg by a Bull Shark while diving.

29-07-2009: Zac Skyring 14, Broken Head NSW. Left forearm grazed and puncture marks in westsuit while surfing by a Copper Shark.

27-06-2009: Les Wade 52, Seven Mile Beach NSW. Lower leg wound needing 50 stitches by a Copper Shark while surfing.

9-05-2009: Recreation Boat #1, Port Kennedy Western Australia. Boat Harassed by a Great White Shark.

9-05-2009: Recreation Boat #2, Port Kennedy Western Australia. Boat Harassed by Great White Shark.

12-04-2009: Heath Milne 40, Fingal Bay NSW. No Injury - Race Skiing.

20-03-2009: Calvin Galbraith 17, Halls Head Beach Western Australia. Bite to foot and punctures to both legs while surfing.

19-03-2009: Bernadette Davis, Bateman's Bay NSW. No Injury - Board bitten while surfing.

14-03-2009: Unknown Male 21, The Natural Jetty Rottnest Island Western Australia. Thigh bitten by Wobbegong while wading.

1-03-2009: Andrew Lindop 15, Avalon Beach NSW. Extensive bite wounds to thigh while surfing.

22-02-2009: Unknown Male, Batt Reef Cairns QLD. Bites to finger while fishing.

18-02-2009: Glen Lockery, Shelly Beach NSW. No Injury - Surfing.

12-02-2009: Glen Orgias 33, Bondi Beach NSW  24hrs after Degelder no warnings given, part of arm amputated by a GREAT WHITE Shark while surfing. Look below one line.

11-02-2009: Paul Degelder 31, Sydney Harbour Woolloomooloo NSW. Right hand amputated and severe bite to right thigh requiring amputation. BULL SHARK while diving.

7-02-2009: Durwin Keg 41, Cellito Beach NSW. No Injury - Board dented and thrown in the air by a Great White Shark while surfing.

6-02-2009: Jode Skennar, Minnie Water & Sandon Beach NSW. No Injury - Surfing.

24-01-2009: Jeremy McDonagh, Batemans Bay NSW. Bitten on hand while swimming.

12-1-2009: Steven Fogarty 25. Lake Illawarra NSW. Injuries to calf. Here.

11-01-2009: Hannah Mignall 13. Binalong Bay Tasmania. Severe leg injuries. 5 metre Great White Shark.

11-1-2009: Jonathon Beard. Attacked at Tweed Heads NSW. Severe lacerations to thigh. 

2008: Recorded attacks and encounters below,

28-12-2008: Bayden Schumann, Male 10

27-12-2008' Brian Guest 51 --FATAL-- Rockingham WA. SD2030-F-Sh-08-00028

27-12-2008: Steve Kulscar, Male 29. Surfing, shark bit swim fin off.

​10-11-2008: Boat attack Long Reef NSW. No injury.

22-10-2008: Steve Cloke Male 34. Bitten by captive shark at Sydney Aquarium

11-11-2008: HOAX SIGHTING, Lake Macquarie Newcastle.​

​8-9-2008: John Morgan Male 51, Clarkes Beach, Byron Bay, NSW. No injury. Pulled 50 metres.

​30-8-2008: Ben Vining, Male 29. No injury. Byron Bay NSW.

20-4-2008: Jamie Adlington Male, teenager. Surfing at Crescent Head NSW. Minor Injuries.

8-4-2008: Peter Edmonds, --FATAL-- Male 16. Ballina NSW. Hear Peter's heartbreaking story here. SD2030-F-Sh-08-00027

7-2-2008: Fiona Casey Female 14. Horseshoe Beach NSW. Collided with shark.

2007: Recorded attacks and encounters below,

19-12-2007: Ben Morcom Male 30. Jimmy's Beach NSW, Severe Lacerations to buttock.

15-12-2007: Josh Edwards Male. Stradbroke Island Queensland. Swimming. Hand lacerations.

18-11-2007: UNKNOWN name, Male 32. WA. Minor cut fishing.

8-11-2007: Craig Evans Male. Byron Bay NSW Surfing.

15-10-2007: Linda Witehurst Female 52 Byron Bay. Four stitches. Great White Shark. Cape Byron Marine Park.

13-10-2007: Adam Wood male 31. Holmes Reef Queensland. Ripped up calf muscle.

19-7-2007: Angus Chapman male 15. Cocos Islands. Calf laceration while wading.

5-6-2007: Unknown Male. North West Cape WA. No injury. 

6-6-2007: Jack Moir Shelly Beach Crescent Head. Surfing. Leg needing 100 stitches.

16-5-2007: Becky Cooke Female 38 Coral Bay WA. Wading, left leg lacerated.

9-5-2007: --MALE --FATAL-- Kingscliff Beach NSW. Body parts found. SD2030-F-Sh-07-00026

26-4-2007: Lorraine Female 13. The Gulf Queensland. Leg lacerations.

20-3-2007: Jodi Cooper Female 42. South Golden Beach NSW. Hand torn up..

12-3-2007: Mary Jane Ryan Female 59 Bundaberg Queensland. Deep laceration from ankle to knee.

3-2-2007: Matthew McIntosh Male 26 Shelley Beach NSW, Surfing. Lacerations.

23-1-2007'  Eric Herhus male 41. Diving at Cape Howe NSW. Deep gashes to head chest and back. GW.

19-1-2007' Thomas Houghton --FATAL-- Male 20 Swimming in Brunswick rivermouth. GW. SD2030-F-Sh-07-00025

9-1-2007' Male. Sandbar NSW. Surfboard attack. GW

2006: Recorded attacks and encounters below,

18-12-2006: Peter Gavin 25. Surfing at Winkipop Vic. Lacerations to leg from Great White.

2-12-2006: Zac Golebiowski 15 Whaton Beach WA. Leg severed above right knee while surfing. Great White.

29-8-2006: Brad Jamieson Kangaroo Island SA. Surfing, no injury.

5-6-2006: Peter Dunn 40. Surfing at Waitpinga. No injury Great White.

2-5-2006: Male 46 Moffat Beach Caloundra. Snorkelling. Wobbegong. Minor injuries.

11-4-2006' Luke Cook 15. Newcastle Beach NSW. Surfing, minor lacerations.

15-3-2006: Blake Mohair 15. Bondi NSW. Surfing. No njury.

13-2-2006: Unknown male, Golden Beach Caloundra Queensland. Wading. Lacerations to foot.

12-2-2006: Unknown male. Point Vernon Hervey Bay Queensland. Swimming arm injury.

12-2-2006: Brighton Beach Adelaide. Fishing. Great White nudges 5.3 mtr boat.

15-1-2006: Bernie Williams 52 City Beach, Perth WA. Scuba diving. Lacerations to elbow from Great White.

SARAH Whileys FATAL attack is very distressing to me and this year is a disaster because of the brutal passing of her. 3 sharks involved. Preventable. Each Individual Matters, but this was NEVER factored into the GWRP or 'marine parks' here in Corporate Australia. NO RISK ASSESSMENT...EVER.

6-1-2006: --FATAL-- SARAH WHILEY 21. Pack Attack Amity Point, Queensland. Swimming. Multiple sharks killed Sarah. RIP young lady. SD2030-F-Sh-06-00024

2005: recorded attacks and encounters below,

11-12-2005: Glenn Simpson 44. Spearfishing. St Crispin Reef Queensland. Right elbow and forearm bitten.

6-12-2005: Robert and James Hoag. South Australia. Great White attacks boat motor.

27-11-2005: Rodney Lawn. Fishing in Victoria. Great White attacks boat motor.

25-11-2005: Tom Burke 18. Surfing in Victoria. lacerations to legs.

24-9-2005: Josh Berri 26. Surfing Kangaroo Island SA. Lacerations to leg. Great White.

23-9-2005: Brad Satchell 44. Surfing off Perth. No injury.

7-9-2005: Blake Garnett: 15. Standing at Parks Beach Coffs Harbour NSW. Left foot lacerated.

4-9-2005: Jake Heron 40. Surfing at Fisheries Bay SA. Laceration to right arm and leg. Great White.

24-8-2005: --FATAL-- Jarrod Stehbens 23. Scuba Diving at Glenelg SA. Great White. SD2030-F-Sh-05-00023

15-5-2005: Ben Edelstein. Townsville Queensland. Spearfishing. Sever injuries to lower leg.

25-4-2005: Male 25. Fishing off Bermagui NSW. Lacerations to leg.

16-4-2005: Clayton Deane 20. Spearfishing at Bremer Island NT. Cuts to right eye.

16-4-2005: Simon Letch 40 Surfing at Bronte Beach NSW. No injury.

27-3-2005: Chris Parker Bateau Bay NSW. Surfing, no injury. Board rammed.

19-3-2005: --FATAL-- Geoffrey Brazier 26 Wreck Point WA. Snorkeling. Great White. SD2030-F-Sh-05-00022

26-2-2005: Nathan Saxon 18. Brisbane River Queensland. Finget bitten.

14-1-2005: Dinghy attacked. Blairgowrie Victoria. No injury but boat holed.

​2004' Recorded attacks and encounters below.

16-12-2004: --FATAL-- Nick Peterson 18. Skurfing behind boat. Attacked while moving. West beach SA. Great White Shark. SD2030-F-Sh-04-00021

11-12-2004: --FATAL-- Mark Thompson 38. Spearfishing Opal Reef Queensland. Leg attacked. SD2030-F-Sh-04-00020

21-10-2004: John Gresham 59. Stockton Beach NSW. Surfing. Foot lacerated.

25-9-2004: Boat attacked. Batt reef Queensland. No injuries. Tiger Shark.

3-8-2004: Male 30. Spearfishing Byron Bay NSW. Lacerated leg.

Another terrible year for shark attacks that should have rung alarm bells after the disaster of a year in 2000' where 4 men were killed by Great Whites in 58 days running. RIP fellas. 2 young men dead in 24hrs, 100kms apart and likely by the same rogue shark. But DPI know best. Lord Hail our 'scientists' here.

19-7-2004: Boat Attacked. Triggs beach WA. Shark chewed motor and severed anchor rope. Great White.

10-7-2004: --FATAL-- Brad Smith 30 Pack Attack WA. Attacked by 2 Great Whites in another coordinated attack resulting in catastrophic injuries . SD2030-F-Sh-04-00019

26-6-2004: Gavin Duncan. Floreat Beach WA. Spearfishing. No injury.

10-6-2004: Tom Obrien 17. Bunbury WA. Surfing. Leg lacerated.

26-4-2004: Chai Griffin Diving near Latitude reef Forster. Hand damaged.

6-3-2004: Greg Pickering 47. Spearfishing of Cervantes WA. Leg lacerated.

21-2-2004: Male. Old Bar NSW. Foot lacerated.

16-2-2004: --FATAL-- Mark Bryant 31. Freediving east of Tweed Heads. SD2030-F-Sh-04-00018

11-2-2004: Luke Tresoglavic 22 Caves Beach NSW. Snorkelling. Leg lacerated.

25-1-2004: Allan Oppert 46 Binningup WA Diving. Leg lacerated.

12-1-2004: Bruce Flynn Bass Point NSW. Diving. No injury, swim fin taken.

2003' Recorded attacks and encounters below.

​8-12-2003: Sam Myer 36. SURFER. No injury, shark tangled in legrope.

30-11-2003: Shane Scott. Part of dual attack with Josh Halverson by Wobbegong.

30-11-2003: Josh Halverson. Margaret River WA.

31-10-2003: Nick Anthony 22. SURFER Lighthouse Beach Port Macquarie NSW. Ankle lacerated.

26-7-2003: Martin Gunda 37. Surf Ski. No injury, shark attacked ski flung Martin into water.

15-2-2003: Damien SMith 37. Swimming. Goolwa SA. Ankle lacerated.

11-2-2003: Tom Plumridge 24. Swimming at Coogee beach NSW. Wounds to legs and buttocks.

8-2-2003: --FATAL-- Bob Purcell 84. Taken by shark in man made waterway on Gold Coast QLD. SD2030-F-Sh-03-00017

2-1-2003: Gabrielle Eason. Female. SURFER. No injury. Surfboard attacked instead.. Sheringa Beach WA.

2002' Recorded attacks and encounters below,

29-12-2002: Lienne Schelleken 18 Female. Great Barrier Reef QLD. Snorkelling. Left arm lacerated by shark.

21-12-2002: Jai Hennessey 26. Scuba Diving off Brisbane QLD. Groing bitten by Wobbegong.

20-12-2002: Bayne Doyle 11 year old BOY. Golden Beach QLD. Swimming. Foot shredded.

16-12-2002: --FATAL-- Beau Martin 23. Swimming in Miami lake. Killed by shark. SD2030-F-Sh-02-00016

7-5-2002: Richard Morris 20. Darwin. Fishing. Injured hand.

30-4-2002: --FATAL-- Paul Buckland 23. Smoky Bay SA. Diving fo shells. Great White SharkSD2030-F-Sh-02-00015

21-4-2002: --FATAL-- Kang Suk Lee 52. Remains found inside Tiger shark. Lake Macquarie NSW. SD2030-F-Sh-02-00014

12-4-2002: John Schneider 45. Bar Beach NSW. Swimming. Foot bitten.

16-2-2002: Kirk Koster 30 SURFER. foot bitten by shark. Sunshine Beach QLD.

7-2-2002: Paul McNamara 35 Kayaking in Parramatta River NSW. Minor injuries.

30-1-2002: Andrew Cribb 20 SURFER. Fingal Spit NSW. Crushed and broken arm by shark.

30-1-2002' Shayne Calliss 32. Swimming in Collie River WA. Large wound to thigh.

2001' Recorded attacks and encounters below,

21-12-2001: Shane Dickson 36. SURFER. South of Perth WA. No injury, shark menaced surfer.

23-11-2001: Roger Frankland 49. SURFER. Lennox Head NSW. No injury shark hit surfboard.

7-11-2001: Male. Surf Ski collided with shark. Leighton beach WA.

2-10-2001: Katherine Jones 20. Snorkelling in QLD. Right arm injured.

30-9-2001: Matt George attacked in inflatable boat. Moreton Bay QLD. Great White Shark. Same location where Sarah Whiley was killed by 3 sharks in 2006'

9-6-2001: --FATAL-- Arthur Applet 75. Lord Howe Island. Remains recovered inside Tiger? shark. Need more on this one. More Here. SD2030-F-Sh-01-00013

4-5-2001: Michael Valentine 33. SURFER. Noraville? NSW. Chest lacerated and board bitten.

8-4-2001: Andranik Markossian. Snorkelling at Bronte Beach NSW. Wrist lacerated.

2-4-2001: Richard Ellis 40 SURFER. Nambucca Heads NSW. Calf attacked.

26-2-2001: Don and Margaret Stubbs. 5 metre boat attacked by Great White Shark. No injury.

4-2-2001: Mark Butler 40. SURFER. Broome Head NSW. Leg attacked.

24-1-2001: Mark Elkington 35. SURFER. Shark rammed kayak off South West Rocks NSW.

21-1-2001: John Winslet. 6mtr boat attacked. Adelaide. Great White Shark.

2000' Recorded attacks and encounters below,

24-12-2000' Male 23. Scuba Diving Flinders Bay QLD.Hand attacked.

11-12-2000: Harry Ulbrich. Boat attacked by Great White Shark off Yorke Peninsula SA.

3-12-2000: Chris Hogan 38. Fishing on barrier reef. Left arm attacked.

21-11-2000: George Lyons 28. Diving. Orpheous Island QLD. Wetsuit shredded. No injury.

An instant response to CSIRO's 1996' Great White Recovery Plan. Supported by Corporate Fascists DPI and Satanists CSIRO.

In Black September 2000' 4 young men were killed in 58 days running! A record!! Yayy payrise for CSIRO and DPI!! Plenty of backslapping on NYE.

​A BUMPER YEAR EH Vic? Boom time you motherfucker.

21-11-2000:--FATAL-- Danny Thorpe 47. Ceduna. SA. Great White SharkSD2030-F-Sh-00-00012

6-11-2000: Dirk Avery 52. Swimming at Cottesloe Beach WA. Leg and feet shredded by Great White Shark.

6-11-2000:--FATAL-- Ken Crew 49. Swimming at Cottesloe Beach WA. Great White SharkSD2030-F-Sh-00-00011

31-10-2000: Paul Kelly. Boat attacked by Great White Shark. Boat sank. Peel Island QLD.

25-9-2000:--FATAL-- Jevan Wright 17. SURFER. Black Point SA. Great White Shark. 120km from Cameron's attack 24hrs before. SD2030-F-Sh-00-00010

24-9-2000:--FATAL-- Cameron Bayes 25. SURFER. Cactus SA. Great White SharkSD2030-F-Sh-00-00009

19-9-2000: Boy 12. Foot lacerated during fishing competition. Wollongong NSW.

27-8-2000: --FATAL-- Michael Edwards 39. Townsville QLD. Fell from fishing boat, sharks took him straight away. HereSD2030-F-Sh-00-00008

9-5-2000: Koonya Beach VIC. Severed Human foot washes ashore.

13-3-2000: Anrija Rojcezic 26. Main Beach Gold Coast QLD. Calf attacked.

14-3-2000: Craig Ruth SURFER McMasters Beach NSW. No injury.

10-3-2000: High School Rower menaced by shark in Parramatta River. No Injuries.

9-3-2000: Al Hattersly. Menaced by shark in Parramatta River. No Injuries. Oar bitten.

2-3-2000: Jack Dasey Taronga Wharf, Athol Bay...Sydney Harbour NSW. Swimming. Attacked.

1-2-2000: Anthony Hayes 26, SURFER. Cactus beach SA. hand bitten.

23-2-1999: Male 35 SURFER. Scotts Head NSW. Left hand and forearm bitten. Great White.

28-6-1998: --FATAL-- Douglas Chesher was fatally attacked at Neptune Islands while diving for abalone. SD2030-F-Sh-98-00007

28-1-1998: Male --FATAL-- 31 NSW Spearfishing at Whale Beach. SD2030-F-Sh-98-00006

5-11-1997: Luke McIntyre 21 --FATAL-- Botany Bay NSW. Great White. SD2030-F-Sh-97-00005

3-2-1997: Andree Moscari 49 Iron Cove Sydney NSW. Attacked while rowing. Bruising.

24-5-1996: Pat Bowring 45 Diving. --FATAL-- 6km off Bondi Beach on Koputai Wreck. Great White. SD2030-F-Sh-96-00004

25-4-1996: Luke Baker 11 year old boy. Mona Vale NSW. Swimming. Puncture wounds.

25-4-1996: Aya Hamaea 16 Mona Vale. Swimming. Puncture wounds.

----3-1996: Male 60. Lord Howe island. Left calf bitten.

26-2-1996: Darren Good 24 Parramatta River. Left leg and testicle bitten. 

4-2-1996: Boy 7. Lord Howe Island. Swimming. Ankles injured. Mako.

12-1-1996: Shark rams and sinks boat boat. Eight Mile Reef off Port Kembla.

9-4-1995: David Malone Honeysuckle Point Eden. Diving. Shark took swim fin.

21-3-1995: Mary Meagher Clark Island Sydney Harbour. Surf Ski. No injury.

9-6-1993: John Ford 31. --FATAL-- Scuba Diving. Julian Rocks Byron Bay NSW. Great White. SD2030-F-Sh-93-00003

Dec 1992: Claire Morrison --FATAL--body found washed up. Attacked by shark. SD2030-F-Sh-92-00002

Dec 1992: Maroochydore Qld. Witness see dog taken in shallow water then shark attacks boat.

Dec 1992: Thursday Island. 2 men missing, boat debris found. Police officer states "They could not have survived more than hours in these shark infested waters"

Nov 1992: Swaines Reef QLD. Female diver missing. No body.

Nov 1992: Feet in shoes wash up on Henley beach South Australia. Shredded jeans attached also.

Nov 1992: Pellowe Reef QLD. Diver Doug Smith goes missing. Fired speargun retrieved. No body.

Nov 1992: Search called off for missing jet skier. They like a snatch and grab, its sporting.

15-10-1992: Dave Gannicot Scuba at Avalon Beach. Minor injury.

Oct 1992: Kiama NSW 3 limbs found in mangroves.

Oct 1992: Adelaide. Hull of boat found. 2 men missing no bodies recovered.

Oct 1992: Vaughan Tasmania. Boat sinks 3 missing no bodies.

Oct 1992: Moreton Island. Fisherman missing no body recovered.

Sept 1992: Henry Francis charter boat operator. Tumby Bay South Australia. His boat the Apalica was found with rope around the propeller, no body found.

August 1992: Near Dunk Island Nth Qld.--FATAL-- Man witnesses friend being eaten by shark. No body recovered. SD2030 FIRST KILL.

June 1992: Brisbane River Qld Man disappeared swimming no body recovered.

March 1992: SURFER attacked at Point Lonsdale. Severe injuries.


29-1-1992: John Bayliss 19 SURFER Tweed heads Boogie boarding. Laceration to right leg.

Oct 1991: Mans head found in Yarra River. Murder ruled out.

Sept 1991: Jonathen Lee. --FATAL-- Aldinga Beach South Australia. Great White Shark. SD2030-F-Sh-91-00001

Sept 1991: Waitpinga Beach South Australia. Car abandoned. Driver missing. 3 days from Jon Lees FATAL @ 1km away.

May 1991: Great Expectations Yacht. 6 missing. Lifejackets with teeth marks. Human foot found on beach.

3-3-1991: John Puljak 18 Bass Point NSW. Scuba. Lacerations to arm and leg.

9-4-1990: Tony Patton 29 Fingal Beach SURFER. No injury board bitten..

9-4-1990: Mark Fleming. SURFER Greemount. 

3-4-1990: --FATAL-- Vincenzo Romeo One Mile Beach NSW. Remains found inside Tiger Shark. Reported by Courier Mail Tuesday April 3rd 1990.

13-8-1989: Michael Guy 17 SURFER Lennox Head NSW. No injury chunk taken from surfboard.

3-1-1989: Adam MacGuire 17 SURFER. Ballina NSW. Stomach lacerated board damaged.

1998: Male 12 SURFER Sydney Hand bitten.

13-12-1987: Female 18 Shoalhaven NSW. --FATAL--. Remains recovered from Tiger Shark.

3-8-1986 Margaret Bowen North Head NSW. Bitten.

18-5-1986: Daniel Nuemann North Head NSW. Bitten

7-3-1982: Marty Ford SURFER --FATAL--Tallows Beach NSW. Great White. RIP Marty.

1981: Warren Rowe 27 Byron Bay SURFER. No injury.

​1980's: Gary Hiscock Lost foot to shark at Lennox Head boatway.

26-2-1977: Paul Howard 24 SURFER Kingscliff Beach Tweed Heads NSW. Lacerations and chunks from surfboard.

2-12-1975: John Strand 35 Porpoise Pool Tweed Heads NSW. Elbow Injury.

20-11-1975: P Cole 20. Queenscliffe NSW.

12-10-1975: Barry Neale Lennox Head NSW SURFER. Cracked jaw, chunks from surfboard.

20-1-1975: --FATAL-- David Barrowman 17 years old Coffin Bay.

8-12-1972: Terry Cooper 19 SURFER Tabourie Bay. Lacerations to thigh and buttocks.

23-12-1971: G Byron 22 Smoky Cape NSW.

27-10-1971: K tracy 20 Marineland Sydney NSW.

5-9-1971: --FATAL-- Leslie Oswald Harris 51. Small bite results in heart attack then death. This happens often in shark attack history.

21-8-1971: Jim Allman 26 Marineland Sydney NSW.

2-9-1970: David Cook 20 Marineland NSW.

5-11-1969: David Anderson  Tweed Heads. NSW.

25-3-1969: William Hill 65 Newcastle NSW. Foot lacerated.

27-1-1969: Kevin Deacon 21 Currajong. NSW Diving. Lacerations.

27-12-1968 F Jones 27 Marineland NSW. Injured.

15-4-1968 Rodney Castle 21 South Coast NSW. Lacerations.

2-2-1968: R. Vidler Brunswick Heads NSW. Injured.

30-11-1967: Jeff Short 15 Wollongong NSW. Diving.

6-6-1962: Dickhead gets pushed into shark pool at Taronga Zoo. Then suffers a case of Human Hatred. Becomes Mass Murderer.

1962: North Wall Ballina NSW. FATAL attack Alex McClay 15 years old. RIP young man we haven't forgotten you.

Fatal shark attacks in South Australian waters:

May 1 2002

2002: April 30 - Scallop diver killed at Smoky Bay, near Ceduna.

2000: Sept 25 - Jevan Wright,
17, taken by a shark while surfing at Blacks Point on South Australia's west coast.

2000: Sept 24 - New Zealand surfer Cameron Bayes, 25, taken by a great white while surfing at Cactus Beach south of Penong.

1999: May 29 - Sailboarder Tony Donaghue, 22, taken off Hardwicke Bay, Yorke Peninsula.

1998: June - Douglas Chesser, 26, killed after being attack by a shark off Neptune Island while diving for abalone. 

1991: Sept - Adelaide university student Jonathon Lee,
19, killed by a white pointer while diving off Aldinga Beach, south of Adelaide.

1989: March - Surfer Matt Foale, 27, killed at Waitpinga Beach near Victor Harbour, about 80 kilometres south of Adelaide.

1987: Sept
--FATAL-- Professional diver Terry Gibson, 47, killed while diving for scallops near Marino Rocks off Adelaide's southern suburbs.

1985: March
--FATAL-- Shirley Anne Durdin, 33, bitten in half by a six-metre white pointer while snorkelling at Peake Bay on Eyre Peninsula.

1975: Feb
--FATAL-- Wade Shippard, 12, taken by a shark while swimming at Penong on SA's west coast.

1974: Jan
--FATAL-- Terence Manuel, 25, dies after a shark tears off his leg in waters off Streaky Bay on the west coast.

--FATAL-- Fisherman Leslie Harris, 52,  dies of heart failure after a shark attacks him in his boat off Port Patterson, south of Port Augusta.

1962: March
--FATAL-- Geoffrey Corner, 16, killed by a shark off Normanville, south of Adelaide.

1946: On Sunday, 10 February 1946, 18 years old Ronald Sutherland. Leg amputated. Scarborough Western Australia. Here.

1926: March
--FATAL-- Primrose White killed while swimming off Adelaide's Brighton Beach.

On 17 March 1926 Mrs Primrose Whyte was killed while swimming near the jetty at Brighton Beach.[14] The shark was believed most likely to have been a Great White shark. Mrs Whyte had been a children's swimming instructor and was memorialized with the erection of a granite drink fountain on The Esplanade.

5-12-1922: --FATAL-- Alfred J Gassman aged 19 years. Killed by shark while on holidays.

4-1-1922 --FATAL-- John Manning Rowe 26 SURFER Stockton Beach NSW. Coppleson Reviewed.

​4-2-1922 --FATAL-- Milton Coughlan 18. Coogee Beach Swimming. Severe Injuries. Coppleson Reviewed.

2-3-1922 --FATAL-- Mervyn Gannon Coogee Beach Swimming. Coppleson Reviewed.

​16-6-1923 --FATAL-- J.Rigby Bellambi Reef. After rowing skiff was holed by shark, he was attempting to swim ashore. Coppleson Reviewed.

15-1-1920: --FATAL-- David Miller 12. Throsby Creek, Wickham NSW. Coppleson Reviewed.

​7-12-1919 --FATAL-- James Ridley 47 Pelican Island, Macleay River. Coppleson Reviewed.

​9-1-1919: --FATAL-- Richard Simpson 13. Sirius Cove, Sydney Harbor. Coppleson Reviewed.

​8-12-1916: --FATAL-- Walter C. German 41. Middle Harbor, Sydney. 1 metre from shore. Coppleson Reviewed.

25-4-1916: --FATAL-- Thomas Harrington. Manly Beach Swimming.